Monday, 21 November 2011

Sunshine and Warmth

I was out in my garden yesterday, in south west England, and I was surprised to see that my favourite tree that has moved house with us in the past, and had lost all its leaves in preparation for winter, has started to bud as it would do in Spring!  As I continued around the garden, I could see that the unseasonal weather we are experiencing was also having this impact on the Camellia’s, the Roses, and other summer flowers!  What was more astounding is that we are still harvesting tomatoes from plants that are unprotected from the weather! 
Isn’t nature just odd!  but also amazing.  Trees and plants only need warm weather to bring them to bloom, and so much like human nature too, we all know how better we feel on a summers day with the warmth on our bodies.  If only illness could be cured by only a spell of warm weather, wouldn’t that be good!  It just goes to show, that when organisms are balanced they can grow and achieve when in the right nurturing environment.   I know for Amber, that it only has to take one small thing to throw her off balance.  I see and feel this in her because she is totally dependent on me so it is like her body and well-being is an extension of my own.  Currently she is experiencing constipation issues which have a profound impact on her life, and are not often taken seriously by the medical professionals we deal with.  I have seen older people go through the same pain, those living with dementia who are unable to articulate how they feel.  In all the aspects of her condition, the pain that she experiences with this is by far one of the worst part of her condition.
If only sunshine and warmth could be harnessed and sold as a cure all remedy, then none of us would be afflicted in any way.......... wouldn’t that be amazing!  That is never going to happen, but although Amber has experiences that none of us can truly comprehend, she can always raise a smile and a hug.  I am lucky enough to have my own little remedy, as the sunshine and warmth Amber can give will beat any happy pill that is out there for the taking  :)

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  1. Let us know if you have any success with the constipation. This is Zoe's #1 seizure trigger, #1 cause of pain, and #1 cause of distraction that prevents her from learning or experiencing what's around her. We'd do almost anything to help it and we feel as though we have tried it all.