Thursday, 17 May 2012

Amber the Queen and I

Wow what a couple of months we have had.  Amber's walking has come on so well, she has even taken independent steps, and is going from strength to strength.

However, the highlight of the last couple of months, has to be Amber being asked to present, Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth, with a posy in our town, as part of her Diamond Jubilee Tour of the UK.  I had written to the District Council when I had heard that the Queen was visiting last year, and had a letter inviting Amber, in respect  of her being such an inspiration and representing children that are not afforded good health and mobility.  We had to keep the secret for a couple of weeks which was agony, but we made it.  We ordered her a beautiful dress from the USA, in CDKL5 green.  On the day she looked absolutely radiant like a serene Angel.  What was the best thing, is that she stood for the Queen and walked a couple of steps to hand over the flowers.  The Queen was pleased that she is now up on her feet.  Having shared her pictures and her story online, I was amazed at how many people shared the story from as far away as India and Pakistan, as well as Australia and the US, it seemed that she inspired so many families and gave them hope.  My Mum and Dad are getting together an album with the photos that we have collected and the official invite.  It got me thinking about her future, it's funny how something so beautiful can make you think of the future.   I said to my Mum that we had to make something really nice, because one day when she is in residential care when she is older, this will be something that everyone will want to see "the day Amber met the Queen", I actually have tears writing this, as although I know what is likely to lie in the future, she is my beautiful little girl and I don't want to think about what will happen when I am gone. 

However, there is something that keeps my mind focussed and lifts me when thinking of this.  A Mum of a little boy in Ambers class who has taken a shine to her, is Jewish, his Dad was talking to his mother who lives in Israel, and she said to him that "a queen is appointed to do good work by God, it is all in the bible" the little boys Mum said "it's almost like God wanted to get close to Amber on earth and he did it through the queen", I am not a particular religious person, but this has resonated through me since she told me this.  I cannot rationalize how well Amber has done in the last year, apart from her unfailing and sheer determination to succeed, it seems like a miracle and that someone definitely is helping from higher ground.  I will always remember what I was told for as long as I live and I hope it will get me through bad times and enhance the good times, and will always be thankful for a little boy's Mother and Grandmother who could see the beauty of the events in such a wonderfully, spiritual light.

There was a time that I thought she would never walk, now she has taken around 10 independent steps, stopping half way, she has started to feed herself, she is self aware, she has managed to use a eye-gaze electronic communication device, albeit it fleetingly, but there is promise.  Last night I dream't that she spoke, she said in the sweetest voice I ever heard, her name, she called me mum, and she said a little sentence which although was babble it made sense.  I truly hope this is the future for my little girl, but if it isn't, at least I know that she can visit me in my dreams and speak softly in my ears.